Performance Artist. Writer. Photographer. Makeup Artist. Creator. 

The will to create something from nothing has always been a natural instinct.  When I'm not creating, life just isn't in balance.

I’ve been a writer my whole life.  Even as a child who wasn’t sure what to write about, I used to copy entire children’s books into my journal.  I think I was just in love with the idea of a book full of my handwritten words.  Later came my own stories.  I don’t think I’ve ever been without a journal or a diary.  To me, writing is power.  Writing is therapy.  Writing has always allowed me to express all my creativity from sadness or heartache to joy or revelation.  Once, it's on paper, it's no longer in me.  There are constantly words and ideas that are kindly screaming at me to set them free; to bring them life.  As I got older, I realized I could express myself, not only with words, but also with images.  For me, Photography is an art that’s all about reckless adventure.  A camera was the tool I needed to express what words could not.  As I've gotten older I've realized that boundaries only exist if we create them.  Now, I create Performance Art events under the title UpRoar.  I believe there are types of art that can heal a persons soul and change their DNA.  Performance Art has had this effect on me. I've fallen under it's spell.  I wish to share that feeling with the world.         

Since moving to Los Angeles from New York in 2014, I have learned that I am capable of anything.  Now, as a post graduate from Emerson College, I believe that there are no limits.  

I'm a curly haired fireball who's going to change the world.     


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Make-up for Film/TV and Fine Art Photography

·      SFX/ Beauty Make-up Artist for photographer, Tyler Shields (2014-2015)

·      Head Make-up for the Film “Full-Dress” (2016)

·      Head Make-up for Pilot “Shoot Me Nicely” (2016)

·      Head Make-up for “Fresco” phone application Commercial (2015)


·      Head of Wardrobe for the film “Full-Dress” (2016)

Writing/ Producing

·      Wrote/ Produced the short film “Plastic” (2017-2018)

Art Director/ Production Designer

·      Art Director for “Zuki” Music Video by Jonti (Oct 2017)

·      Production Designer for short film “MIRA MIRA” (Dec 2017)



60out Escape Rooms                                                                                Feb 2017- Present

Game Master

Tyler Shields

Photographer                                                                                       Sep-Dec 2014

·      Worked closely with photographer in all aspects of Photo Shoots

·      Celebrity Production Assistant: Managing budget/ Set design

·      Documenting photo projects/ Evaluating the artistic process

·      Website Editing/ Social Marketing

Jeff Lahens’ DressCodeBoston (DressCodeBoston.com)                 

Public Relations Company that specializes in men’s fashion                  2012-2014

·      Selected props and clothing for photo shoots

·      Event/ Runway photographer

·      Styling models for photo shoots and events

·      Chose models for events and photo shoots

Emmi Sorokin                                                                                    

Men’s Fashion Stylist                                                                               2013-2014

·      Photographed men’s clothing and accessories for the book “The Business Casual Survival Guide” by Emmi Sorokin 

·      Visually directed photo shoots for website



Emerson College, Bachelor of Arts in the school of Visual Media Arts            2011-2014          

Major: Writing for Film and Television                                            

Minor: American Sign Language


Cinema Makeup School, Master Program                                     June 2015-October 2015